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Salads, Sides, and Desserts


  • $5, 3 / $13

    Starters: $5 or Pick 3 for $13

    Hawgs Balls – Our gooey mac and cheese, spiced up with jalapenos and our DSB seasoning then perfectly fried. Served with Tiger Ranch

    Fried Okra – Whole Okra breaded with our tempura batter and fried golden brown

    Bottle Caps – Sliced pickles and jalapeños, seasoned, breaded and deep fried. Served with Tiger Ranch

    Brunswick Stew – A Classic Brunswick Stew with a Hottie Hawg’s flare

    DSB Chips and Roasted Salsa – Fresh made tortilla chips served with our fresh roasted salsa

  • $5, $8
    Chicken Salad

    Chicken Salad Small, Medium

  • $5, $8
    Brisket Salad

    Small and Medium

  • $4, $5

    All of Hottie Hawg's sides are made from scratch:

    Fresh Tempura Battered "DSB" Fried Okra - Whole Okra Tempura fried and served with tiger ranch

    Oooey Gooey Mac 'n Cheese - Like Mama made 'em!

    Uncle Cooter's Brunswick Stew - Our Brunswick Stew with a hottie hawgs twist

    Red Bliss Potato Salad - Our homemade potato salad with onion, celery and some love

    Baked Beans - Classic Southern Style

    Cole Slaw - Light on the mayo with a crunch of granny smith apples

    Side Salad - Simple, yet delicious. Crisp spring mix, tomato, cucumber, and cheddar cheese with your choice of dressing.

    Big REDD's Coke-a-Cola Collards - Simmered in coca-cola and pork bones for 8 hours 'til they melt in your mouth.

    'DSB' Fries - Hand Cut and tossed in our signature DSB dry rub

    Onion Hay - Thin sliced onions, breaded, fried and served with tiger ranch.

  • Desserts

    Our Desserts are made from scratch daily, ask your Hottie what's available today.

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